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July 30, 2010

It has been a week since we released our website onto the internet. We thought of christening it but then realised the dangers of immersing a computer in water. Instead we smashed a bottle of champagne over it, and now have to dictate this post to a stranger at an internet café.

We used the finest champagne for the christening - we also went through all three bottles.

Thanks to everyone for their feedback on the site, and we have been busy addressing all your suggestions. The site is a work in progress and expect it to rapidly grow and develop over the next few months, including many behind-the -scenes tweaks to the way it works. Please keep letting us know what you think and would like to see.

Flying Nun staff busy answering all the feedback

You may have noticed there are some artists missing from the catalogue, but don’t fear we have forgotten them – with over 500 releases to get through, it was always going to take some time and we want to do it well. At the moment we are featuring what is currently available and as more re-issues start coming out we are aiming to build a rich resource of all kinds of archive material. Speaking of re-issues we are plotting what to make available again – requests are welcome.

The artist pages will also be getting a big boost as we populate it with useful, and at times strange, bits of info on the artists. In turn, we have a selection of guest writers putting together their thoughts and anecdotes (both fiction and fact) on the bands they love. We already have  one on the 3Ds by Bruce Russell (Dead C) as well as Roy Colbert on The Bats. With the archive currently making its way down the country to Flying Nun HQ, there will be a vast amount of art, cartoons, old interviews and recordings making its way onto the site.

Artwork by David Mitchell (3Ds, Ghost Club)

Of course we have also been hobnobbing and making friends in the social networking circles, and if you haven’t already, come join us on Facebook and follow our twits on Twitter.

Furthermore we are working with the fine folks at NZonScreen and their Flying Nun Collection to archive both the old and new video clips. Take a look here:

With 21 clips so far, covering the full spectrum of weird and wonderful, it is perfect for Friday procrastination. Thinking of adding this one next:

Fetus Productions – Flicker (1985)