When I bought back Flying Nun at the end of last year I knew that a new website was central to the future development of the label. It would be the modern way of interacting with fans and friends just like we did when we started out in 1981 via the post and the occasional telephone call.

Christchurch post office during early Flying Nun days

I knew it would take some considerable effort to organise but still badly underestimated the enormity of the task. 30 years worth of history takes some time to get shuffled, sorted, reconfigured and represented. It will take time to get each artists profile properly setup with a selection of the considerable print, image (posters, photos, strange drawings etc), sound and video material available.  I drive the bulk of the archive from Auckland to Wellington this week in order to continue the process.

Current Flying Nun archive

Design proved to be a major stumbling block. Flying Nun has never really had a logo. Sure we have had some defacto ones like the Flying Eyeball and Fuzzy that lept in to fill logoless voids at various times but we never had a consciously designed logo in itself. All that proved tricky when designing a web site. Some ums and ahs later we had a new look thanks to Paul McNeil.

A couple of logos we prepared earlier (circa early-mid 1980s). By Matt Campbell and Stuart Page

There is a shop here. You can buy things. Selling things has always been part of the Flying Nun way. We noticed early on that it kept the wheels turning. The selection will grow as we rerelease and repackage the backcatalogue. We have had lots of fun with the new releases, Grayson Gilmour and Die! Die! Die!, and there will be more to come. And some merchandise as well. What is the best way to photograph t shirts anyway?

What you see here is very much a work in progress. It got to the point where we really had to get it up and active. A lot of content will be added over the coming weeks. This site itself will evolve and mutate and improve. Comments and suggestions are welcome and encouraged. Help make the thing great and fun.


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3 Responses to “WEBSITE DOWN AND UP”

  1. Bruce Russell Says:

    Nice use of graphics in your post, worth 1000 words! The answer to ‘what’s the best way to photograph T shirts?’ – ON YOUNG WOMEN. Honestly, do you even need to ask what sells? It’s a three letter word.

  2. Steve Newall Says:

    Just photoshop the t-shirt graphic onto an American Apparel ad. Or use a photocopier, scissors, and glue.

  3. LIISA Says:

    Yay, congratulations on getting it up. Not too shabby for an old fella. (sorry, but Bruce started it…)

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