Travels Into The Great Unknown

When I first heard the Die! Die! Die! recording that was to become FORM I was really excited about the prospect of releasing it on a record label I did not yet own. Music has a powerful affect on the way you feel and think. The times may be different in terms of the way music is made, promoted and sold but the music itself and its affect on people remains the same. And as in 1981 it was a matter of jumping off into the great unknown just as it is in 2010. All round excitement then.

The crew of Flying Nun prepare for the great unknown once again

FORM has all round excitement in spades. Die! Die! Die! have really found themselves with this album. They have retained and honed their core punk sensibilities and molded and sculptured an intelligent post punk artfulness to the underlying sharp and incisive songs. Great songs they are too with a variety of pace and tone. And it all fits together incredibly well as a complete album.

The band have been working rather hard coming to the end of their 25 date tour of New Zealand. I have to say I am impressed by their work ethic and their ability to find that many dates to play mid winter. And they are a truly scintillating live band that have continued to develop musically while losing none of their original ferocity. Sawing guitars, spat but well articulated vocals, expressive bass held togther by unerring and unrelenting drumming. Well done guys. Have a rest. I know they won’t.

Die! Die! Die! playing ‘HowYe’ and ‘A.T.T.I.T.U.D’ at Campus A Low Hum earlier this year:

Exciting new releases is what it is all about. Keeping the Flying Nun catalogue safe and as available was the driving motivation behind buying back the label but it is new releases that propels any label or record company forward and we have been lucky with both Grayson Gilmour’s and now the Die! Die! Die! album. They set a tone and generate the excitement that will make the label a living thing once again.

Die! Die! Die! – ‘We Built Our Own Oppressors’ (FORM):

– Roger Shepherd


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