Grayson Gilmour is not from Greytown

Instead he grew up in the murky swamps of Palmerston North.

Grayson Gilmour’s No Constellation album was the first Flying Nun release after my repurchase of the company earlier in the year. Expectations were high and possibly preformed. I like to think that the choice pleasantly surprised many.

I’d seen his band So So Modern and enjoyed them a great deal but seeing Grayson perform his own song-orientated, piano based material live I was struck by the intelligent and varied song writing craft and the intensity and virtuosity (did I just say that?) of the performance.

And when the album No Constellation was completed it was simply too good not to release. Yep, I know, from a certain point of view it may not seem a typical Flying Nun release, whatever that is. But I actually think it fits perfectly: quirky, smart and poppy. And people forget one of my all time favourite Flying Nun bands were the keyboard heavy Able Tasmans.

Grayson Gilmour – Loose Change (No Constellation, 2010)

And the release has worked well. Excellent reviews and a well-deserved boost in profile for Grayson with exposure via the press, radio and on related tour dates. Several months ago he missed his Dunedin gig as he had to turn around his van due to flooding. Today he tries a new tact by flying into Dunedin to play at Radio 1’s OneFest tonight. He has co-coordinated his flight to coincide with the arrival of a storm reportedly as large as Australia. Good luck Grayson.

Little Victories Live at 95bfm (Chapters, 2008)

Hopefully we will get Grayson back as I am keen to hear what he comes up with next. He has the sort of talent that will just keep developing and growing. And from the point of view of tracking his development it’s worth checking out some of his previous self released titles which we have also just made have available online.


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