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October 8, 2010

The Bats are always busy. All have jobs and even other bands and solo projects on the go. Robert Scott has been in the USA with his other band The Clean as well as doing his own thing talking and playing around the Portland Oregon area.  But Bat activity never ceases.

Paul Kean has recently re-mastered three albums from their back catalogue which were made available just this week. 1995’s Couchmaster , 1990’s Compiletely Bats which features material from the very early 1980’s EPs such as By Night, Music from the Fireside and Made Up In Blue and the long unavailable classic Daddy’s Highway from 1987 with all time favourites such as “North By North”, “Treason”, “Block of Wood”, “Treason” and “Mid City Team”. Paul is also about to start remastering work on another batch of albums over the coming weeks.

So while we have been active getting to gripes with running a record label again by working on some great new release projects over the last 6 months the catalogue represents the labels history, heritage and backbone. A big part of the thinking around buying the label back was centered on the idea of keeping the history alive by making it readily available in the best ways possible.

Generally it’s time to tidy up the Flying Nun catalogue and make long unavailable titles available again as well as ensuring that they are also available digitally. Some will be simple repressing, some will be re-mastered, others repackaged with unreleased material and new artwork. Some titles will be repressed on vinyl for rerelease next year. These reissued bats titles represent a small part of this process.

There is plenty of great material to get through, the question is where to start and what next?