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Guest Blog: Robert Scott

September 24, 2010

Robert Scott’s new album, Ends Run Together is out this week and it is fair to say Robert has been involved in the label – as a member of The Clean, The Bats, Magick Heads and numerous other Nun-related bands – since the early days (sometime just after the war according to Roger) so we thought we should let him loose on the blog to share his thoughts on the past, present, future and all the little bits in between.

He has selected a bunch of his favourite Nun tracks for the first in our new series of Flying Nun podcast, a nun-pod if you will.

Over to you Bob:

Hi Blog,

Back in the day, now and then, full circle ? Well maybe…vinyl is back, that’s the main thing.

LP artwork always looks brighter and of course  bigger, and not stuck behind plastic either which has to be good. Indeed it was quite strange with my new album, checking the info and credits while having to choose where side 1 ends and side 2 starts again, at least it all fits on the LP.

Cover of Robert's new album - also known as the boulders of Port Chalmers

A lot has changed since the early 80’s. Info is shared and read at a much faster rate, a lot to be decided in a shorter period of time. No more waiting by the letterbox for the Test Pressing [actually that does still happen], no more checking Artwork or Promo Photo prints, no more hand typed bios. Nor do we get to ring up the office telling them that; “the Magenta and Cyan are a bit wild on the insert and the label is wrong….” – it’s all on the computer now.

Robert playing in The Weeds (a FN 'super group of sorts) at Otago Uni, 1985 (Photo: Richard Emerson)

So yes things are quicker thats for sure. I do also remember with fondness helping glue together the 25Cents singles in Christchurch in 83, there was alot of that going on then, posters to be made and put up, large buckets of flour and water to be mixed for the poster run, t shirts to be screenprinted, all very hands on. It still is, just in some different – often more electronic – ways.

25cents cover for 'Don't Deceive Me' by Ronnie Van Hout.

The DIY art side of FN has, and always will, be an important part and look of the label and many  people overseas are quite intrigued by this, frequently asking how come there are so many bands with artists? Which isn’t a surprise really, the connection, collaboration and crossover between music and art has always been a centre point of the label.

The Clean – Getting Older. The video was filmed in Christchurch by Ronnie Van Hout, but unfortunately never made it to TV.

There is alot more screentime today emails to be checked and answered, blogs to be done –  it is handy for interviews that’s for sure. While, things may happen in other ways it is great to be involved with Flying Nun again and very exciting to have this solo album coming out.

Before I forget, I forgot to credit Rob Falconer for his wonderful Hi hat work on Carmilla, sorry Rob, and he is misnamed for his Kick work credit too –
I need to check my checking.

– Robert Scott

Robert Scott’s Nun Pod.


1. The Gordons – Machine Song (Future Song EP)
2. Goblin Mix – The Water (The Complete Goblin Mix)
3. The Puddle – Magic Words (Into the Moon)
4. The Victor Dimisch Band – Native Water (The Victor Dimisch EP)
5. The Stones – Something New (Dunedin Double EP)
6. Fetus Productions – Flickr (12″ single)
7. Look Blue Go Purple – Grace (Look Blue Go Purple Compilation)
8. The Dead C – Scarey Nest (Eusa Kills LP)
9. Bailterspace – Fish Eye (Pink Flying Saucers compilation)
10. 3Ds – Meluzina Man (Swarthy Songs For For Swabs)

NB. The Clean start their USA tour next week:

The Clean on tour:
Sep 29 Hoboken, NJ  – Maxwell’s
Sep 30 Chicago, IL  – Bottom Lounge
Oct 04 San Francisco, CA – The Independent
Oct 05 Portland, OR – Holocene